The Sanchez House

St. Augustine.....

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Come see why the Sanchez House is an incredible opportunity for you to experience a piece of St. Augustine's history.
The Sanchez House was built in 1791 by Jose Simeon Sanchez, one of the Spanish colony of Florida's first and foremost statesmen.  Crafted of coquina stone, the house hosted the prosperous and distinguished Sanchez family until the 1950's.  Jose's lovely daughters, the "Sanchez girls", were known for their long black hair and Galician beauty.  Now the Sanchez house is owned by a local Florida family.

Spending a month here will allow you to immerse yourself and your guests in the romance of old Spain as it only exists on this continent here in St. Augustine.  The cobble stone streets, the clip-clop of the horses hooves as they pull the carriages, and the gentle breeze from Matanzas bay allow you to retreat into the history of this amazing home and capture it as your own for a magical stay - the most special one of your life.
Perfect for just sitting on the porch and enjoying the view of the bay, or entertaining friends and family- the Sanchez House presents an incredible rental opportunity!
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